The Comité de gestion offers a school tax confirmation service to notaries, lawyers, and mortgagees authorized by owners of properties located within the territory it serves.  

The fees for each school tax statement are as follows:

A statement of account itemizing the transactions carried out during the previous month is emailed at the beginning of each month. Payments must be received before the due date indicated on the statement.

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To use this service, notaries, lawyers, and mortgagees must register with the school tax confirmation service either by completing the online registration form or by calling 514 384-5034 to request a hard copy of the form.

Registration forms must be signed by the notary or lawyer responsible for the account. In the case of mortgagees, the signature of the branch manager and their business card is required.

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Fax service

 Requests to receive school tax statements by fax may be sent:

  • by fax: 514 384-1988
  • by mail: P.O. Box 700, Chabanel Station, Montreal, Quebec, H2N 0B6
  • by email:

Please indicate the firm account number appearing on the school tax bill for each request.

The requested statements will be faxed within 24 hours.

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Web service

Web access is required to request school tax statements online.

Once the completed registration form has been received, the identification number for Web access will be forwarded by email.

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(available in french only)

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